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Kitchen Tiles At Massive Reduced Prices, Sale On ...


Which Kitchen Style Do You Want?

The vast array of wall and floor tiles available in this section enables you to create the perfect style within your kitchen. There are many different styles to opt for including a rustic farmhouse look to a minimalist contemporary setting. Stone tiles are a great choice and help to add character to a kitchen interior. The way tiles are arranged upon a wall or floor can also have a big impact on the overall...

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Bathroom Tiles at Amazing Prices. Just £12.97 SqM ...

Refresh Your Bathroom Decor with Tiles

A new bathroom can look absolutely stunning, all glistening and shiny as light reflects from its walls, floors bath panels and sinks. Over the years water damage can take its toll and refreshing your bathroom decor may become necessary. A simple shower area design or backsplash can really help to rejuvenate your bathroom interior. Tiles are the perfect...

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Floor Tiles At Rock Bottom Prices Just £8.47 per Sqm ...


How Floor Tiles Can Improve Your Home

For a stylish and long-lasting floor covering, tiles offer an array of different advantages. Unlike carpet they do not absorb anywhere near the same level of moisture, are easier to clean and do not need to be replaced on such a regular basis. For these reasons floor tiles are ideal for the most demanding areas of...

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How to Cut Porcelain Tiles - DIY Guides - Tilesporcelain

How To Cut Porcelain Tiles


Unlike fired ceramic tiles that have a hard glaze over a relatively softer substrate; porcelain tiles are vitreous fired meaning that the mass of the tile has melted into a uniform glass-like mass. This makes porcelain exceedingly hard and difficult to cut with just a simple tile cutter. For this reason it is customary to use an electric tile cutting machine...

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Granite Tiles at Low, Low prices just £17.99 per Sqm ...

3.49 Sheet

Great Collection of Premium Natural Stone Granite

Granite is a natural stone which transforms the appearance of interiors with a unique look which often comprises of a distinctive sparkle. This natural stone is formed at extreme temperatures which produces an incredibly hard wearing tile, making it perfect for high traffic areas. Our premium granite floor tiles offer a reliably durable surface in addition to immense style...

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Porcelain Tiles, SALE ON!, Wholesale Prices | Tilesporcelain


Choose between a vast array of different styles, colours and finishes with our massive collection of Porcelain. Noted for their low maintenance they are a popular choice for a variety of projects. Our selection includes highly polished black options and natural stone effect varieties. If you wish to take a closer look at any of our collection then why not order a sample. With such a great deal of choice it is easy to create your perfect bathroom or kitchen design with porcelain wall coverings or a flooring option.

Durable and Easy to...

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EXTENSIVE RANGE of Red Tiles - Floor, Quartz Tiles ...

Only £

9.57 Sheet

Our selection includes natural stone and engineered varieties. Red is considered to be a significant colour in terms of its impact on a design and capability of providing a distinctive character. There are numerous shades of red from what is known as the standard primary colour to maroon and even lighter pink variations. We supply premium red coverings...

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Quartz Tiles , FLASH Sale ON! Wholesale Prices ...

36.97 m2

Add Sparkle to Your Floors and Walls

Available in a variety of colours, quartz is viewed as a stylish, modern option for interiors offering a unique look with sparkly mirror pieces. The low moisture absorption rate means it is tailor-made for bathrooms and kitchens, where they provide a high level of practicality. They have also proven to be a popular choice among retailers and feature within many high street stores, for that luxury finish. Hard wearing quartz is ideal for high traffic areas. Our Quartz Tiles are manufactured using a new technological...

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Sparkly Black Quartz Tiles - Massive Savings - Buy Today

Supplied To Newcastle Airport

Create a Sparkly look on Walls and Floors

Black quartz has a sparkly appearance created by reflective mirror pieces which cover the surface of this wall and floor option. A polished finish provides a sleek look and also makes the Midnight Black easy to clean in bathrooms and kitchens. Used primarily within modern designs, they work effectively when combined with a light coloured grout for a stylish contrast. They are regularly matched with white quartz, producing a timeless interior design. These premium tiles have a 97% quartz content and are manufactured through an innovative technological process.

Choose Quartz for...

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Black Tiles at Fantastic Prices from just £8.49 per SqM ...

From £

22.99 m2

Black is a colour that never seems to go out of fashion. It is a powerful colour that will combine with a range of other shades, features and styles, making it an extremely versatile option. Black is often the obvious choice for interior design projects. At Tilesporcelain we have a quality range of natural stone and engineered black wall and floor coverings.

A Fantastic Range for Kitchens and Bathrooms

You can browse this page to see the full range that we have available in black. Our...

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