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Edge Treatments for Ceramic Tile Countertops | eHow

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Ceramic tiles serve as an affordable and versatile alternative to more expensive countertop materials, such as granite or marble. While installing ceramic tiles across the surface of a new countertop is a relatively simple process, using standard tiles along the edges of the countertop leads to hard, sharp corners. Explore the different edge treatments available...

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How to Install Ceramic Floor Tile Over Linoleum | eHow

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A ceramic tile floor is a beautiful decorating choice , and installing these tiles is a common do-it-yourself project. If you're replacing any cracked tiles, you'll have to first remove the existing tile for this project. Assuming you have linoleum on an existing floor, laying your tile directly over it can save you time and money. However, if your linoleum is...

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Ceramic Tile Vs. Granite (with Pictures) | eHow



Choosing between using granite or ceramic tile isn't a simple either/or decision. Where it's being used, the ease of installation, cost, replacement and neighborhood trends all factor into making the right choice. Personal preference is also a consideration, with the dramatic and exclusive patterns found in granite competing with the elegant and intricate colors and designs baked into...

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Tile Height in Bathrooms | eHow

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Very few bathrooms don't use any tiling in the decor. Tiled walls have a practical function as well as a decorative purpose since they are quick to clean and water won't damage them. The style and height of tiling in a bathroom is a matter of personal preference as well as practical application although the cost of tiles may also be a determining factor...

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Tile Entryway Ideas | eHow

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Because the entryway is the first thing guests see when they step inside your home, it's important that this small area make a big impact. Tile is beautiful and easy to care for and withstands frequent foot traffic, so it's a smart choice for an entryway, foyer or front hall. Tile is incredibly versatile as well, coming in a wide array of materials,...

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Ceramic Tile Adhesives Vs. Thinset | eHow

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Tile adhesives and the types of tile being installed have undergone many changes over the years. While some types of tile and adhesive have been used for years and remain on the market, new products have been introduced that can lead to some confusion among do-it-yourself installers. No matter what type of tile is being installed, there is an...

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Easy Ways to Clean Tile Grout | eHow

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While ceramic tile can add beauty to a home, it also can add more work when it comes to keeping it clean. The grout lines between tiles can easily become dirty and stained, and while harsh chemical cleaners may work, they also can be expensive and damage your tile. Fortunately, there are some easy methods for cleaning your grout and keeping it...

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How to Paint Old Tile Grout | eHow

How to Paint Old Tile Grout

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Dingy-looking grout makes an entire floor or wall look bad. You can remove the old grout, but it's one of the worst jobs in home improvement. Thank goodness for grout paint. Grout paint comes in white and a variety of colors and makes tile look significantly better. Also known as epoxy grout colorant, grout paint...

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Do-It-Yourself Ceiling Decor & Draping for Weddings | eHow

Lights, streamers, mobiles, or other ceiling decorations

String, yarn, ribbon, or fishing line to hang ceiling decorations


Draping the Ceiling

Measure the size of your venue, taking into account the ceiling height, plus the length and width of the room, or ask the venue owner to provide you with accurate measurements. Make sure the venue owner allows draperies to be hung in the space,...

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How to Install Suspended Ceiling Grids | eHow

How to Install Suspended Ceiling Grids

By eHow Contributor

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Hanging drywall for ceilings can be a very difficult and daunting task. A good alternative is doing a suspended ceiling. Areas like a basement, where water lines, pipes, cables and duct work run between the floor joists are especially good for suspended ceilings. This layout will allow you to...

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